Positive change occurs when people collaborate in a focused and organized manner, each contributing to their ability, with the support and tools they require.

Founder Sally McIntyre, R.P.P., M.C I P. is an energetic and enthusiastic environmental and strategic leader with 30-years experience developing and implementing policies, plans and programs for governments, businesses, and institutions, domestically and in developing economies.  Sally specializes in the fields of environmental regulation, programs, and services; municipal infrastructure and asset management; and operational performance management.

Sally has a proven track record of improving efficiency, program quality and delivery, public awareness and action, and corporate sustainability.  Recently, she joined the board of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative, and was appointed to the Algonquin College Environmental Management & Assessment program advisory committee.

McIntyre Solutions believes in the importance of the individual, the power of the group, and that organizational culture has as much influence as money in effecting positive change. 

Our service promise:

  • Clear goal setting and problem definition.
  • Creating safe spaces for stakeholders, staff, and customers to be heard.
  • Translating technical challenges into concepts that can be understood by all.
  • Reducing complex problems into manageable pieces with feasible actions.
  • Developing practical work plans that fit within the capacity of your organization.
  • Respecting the culture, experience, and expertise of your organization.

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